From design inception through to construction, we apply our expertise to deliver optimal outcomes for our customers.

  • Design
  • Value Management
  • Construction
  • Preparation is the key to success in any endeavour. In the context of delivering a construction project, optimal delivery and a hassle free experience for our customers relies on our design team identifying and resolving any documentation issues well before they become site issues.

    Our design team (which comprises both designers and structural engineers), are expert at first understanding our customer’s project objectives, and then managing the design process and consultant team to ensure the objectives are optimally delivered through intelligent, effective and well coordinated design.

  • Our team is expert at helping our customers achieving value for money, while delivering quality outcomes.
    We utilise a cross department collaborative approach harnessing the experience from our design, estimating and construction teams in order to find all cost opportunities for our customers.

  • Market Specialisation - what we build
    We construct boutique projects in the following market segments:
    • Residential: apartment and townhouse projects
    • Commercial: office, retail and private school projects
    • Government: schools

    OH&S - Keeping our Team and Customers' Projects Safe
    Our OH&S systems are independently audited to ensure the highest level of compliance and safety standards are maintained. We have a full time dedicated Health and Safety Manager and every member of our site teams are formally trained in OHS (minimum Cert 3 and First Aid required).

    Quality - Protecting our Customers' Brand
    We see the achievement of best quality standards as requiring an integrated approach starting from project inception, rather than just at the finishing stages of construction.
    In order to continually improve our quality standards, our Quality Manager;
    • Engages with our design team to integrate insights learnt from site on how to improve quality into our design standards
    • Engages with our construction teams at critical quality check points to ensure quality standards are being achieved
    • Measures and manages all post completion maintenance and then seeks to solve for how to prevent reoccurrence on any future projects.

    This systematic and integrated approach to managing quality results in projects delivered to our high quality standards, which in turn protects and enhances our customer's brand and reputation.

    Environmental - Wanting & Need to Do More
    While we have a genuine interest and desire to make a positive contribution to our environment through sustainable design and construction methodologies, we need to do more.

    Our Managing Director personally obtained thermal Assessor accreditation from Sustainability Victoria as he wanted to learn more about energy efficiency in design, and our company is an accredited Green Living builder by the MBAV.

    Through our involvement in a collaborative project between our repeat customer Lucent and the Nightingale group, we have learnt alot more about sustainability in design and construction, and frankly, have been inspired and realise we have to do more.

    We welcome working with customers who are committed to incorporating sustainability into their projects, and would encourage people to learn and be inspired by Nightingale’s great work.